Precision Claims

Full Claims Administration

Precision isn’t just in our name, it’s a core value that drives how we operate on a day-to-day basis. From our advanced technology and processes to our service-based mentality, it’s no wonder Precision Claims is the best in the industry.

Advanced Technology With A

Hassle Free Process

Precision Claims takes the hassle out of the claims process. You simply sell or provide the product to your customer, and we handle the rest.
Limited Warranties
Every dealer has its own path; we create a custom administration process for each group.
Vehicle Service Contracts
When an unexpected mechanical breakdown occurs, simply call or file a claim online and let Precision claims handle the rest.
GAP Waiver
In the event of a total loss, GAP covers the difference between the insurance settlement and the remaining balance.
Collateral Protection Insurance
When a collision occurs, the related finance company will send the statement of loss, and we will immediately start the claims process with the customer.
Key Metrics

Why Our System Works Efficiently

Minute Claim Approval
Thanks to our streamlined claims process for the customer and repair facility.
Not Just Our Name
It’s a core value that drives how we operate on a day to day basis.
Minute Claim Payment
Paid with corporate credit card over the phone to ensure no wait periods.

Information About Our Unique Process

Claim Payments

Claims paid within 30 minutes of receipt of invoice using a corporate credit card over the phone ensuring no long wait periods.

Claim Approvals

Approvals are given within 30 minutes of the final estimate due to our simple claims process for the customer and repair facility.

Monthly/Quarterly Reports

We provide quarterly reports to our dealers about current trends to aid in inventory buying.

Parts Pricing & Trends

We provide our dealers with monthly data analysis to help aid in the recon process.

Labor Times

We provide verified and adjusted times based on national labor guides and databases.

Claims Billing

Detailed claims billing reports are sent monthly.

National & Local Repair Facilities

We maintain our group of national corporate contracts and foster relationships with local repair facilities to ensure the best pricing and service to your customer.

Customized For Each Dealer

We create custom processes and procedures unique to each dealership.

Reinsurance Billing

Monthly billing directly to your reinsurance company.

Get In Touch

Our claims team is standing by ready to get your process started.